Emirates Winter Travel Deals Asia in 2017

With the Christmas Holidays just around the corner, who would ever refuse a holiday treat that won’t hurt your wallet without sacrificing your budget for the most awaited vacation? Isn’t it the right time to give yourself a treat, a special Christmas gift where the whole family can enjoy visiting the country of your dreams?

Make your dreams come true with the Emirates as they offer amazing winter deals in 2017 to Asian countries. Emirates have surprising deals and special offers that you can grab to make your travel convenient and affordable. Fly with Emirates across Asian countries and discover the breathtaking and wonderful experience for every Asian destination. As you soar high with the Emirates, you’ll discover and experience the wonders of Asian countries that only Emirates can offer.


Emirates offer world-class services. They have tour packages to choose. Emirates special treat to their customers is not just limited to flying them to their destinations. They also see to it that their passengers are given the best accommodations and services as soon as they reach their destinations. Inclusive of their special offerings are the hotel accommodations, the services that will take them from the airport to their hotel and from the hotel to the airport.  They have arranged tour packages that you will surely love and enjoy. These tour packages will surely help you enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Emirates special services include online bookings so that their passengers can check and visit their website to get all the information they need before they decide and book their flights. Whether you’re a new member or your first time to fly with Emirates or you are already a member for quite some time, Emirates has something for you to offer. They offer special fares, codes and other special features that can make your travel worthwhile.

Winter deals for Asian travels or itinerary is something to look forward to, not only because of its affordable fares, but also it will give you a chance to visit Asian countries. Asia’s strategic location makes it a well visited place. Because of its location, there are many things to do as you stay in Asia or one of the Asian countries. For instance, you can enjoy the magnificent features of China and Tibet for 17 days for only $7,789. They have other special offerings where you can spend the winter holidays in the City and the awesome beach of Phuket, enjoy the best and super culinary tradition in Thailand, discover and enjoy the greatness of Hongkong while you shop and dine in the international cuisine. Bangkok’s best street food is something that you can’t resist. Another exotic country to visit is the Philippines. Blessed with rich natural resources, the Philippines have many wonderful and scenic spots to offer. The Philippines also celebrates the longest Christmas Holidays.

With Emirates you will surely have the best travel experience as you celebrate the Winter Holidays! Fly Emirates and enjoy their winter deals in visiting Asian countries.

Options for Travelling from Los Angeles to Hyderabad India

Hyderabad, an old city of India, is the capital of Telangana state. This historical city is known for its exquisite restaurants, shops and a number of historic sites that are worth visiting. Some of these sites are the Golconda Fort and the Charminar.

The old city of India has been one of the favorite destinations of tourist and visitors.  Hyderabad has charmed many tourists from all parts of the world and this include people from Los Angeles. Having heard of the charm and wonders of Hyderabad, many people, tourists, are really eager to set their foot in Hyderabad.

Going to Hyderabad from Los Angeles can be done by following different options. If you want to get there right away, a plane can take you there, right then and there. On the other hand, if you want to explore and enjoy every moment of your travel, you can take a cruise or sail to reach Hyderabad.


Travelling by plane to Hyderabad from Los Angeles gives you different options as there are many flights that can take you to India’s oldest city. There are also different travel agencies that can help you book your flight without leaving your homes or office. These travel agencies will not only help you book your flight and get your plane tickets. They also offer different travel package that will spare you the burden of worrying where to stay or where to take a quick rest before you start exploring Hyderabad. They will book you in one of the cozy hotel where you can still feel the “home away from home” feeling while in Hyderabad. They will also take care of the “must go and visit places” in Hyderabad.

Going to Hyderabad from Los Angeles can be less expensive than what you think because different airlines are giving discounts, great deals and promotions that can give you a chance to pay less, but still enjoy the ease and comfort offered when you pay the regular or standard fare package. What makes it more exciting and comfortable is that you can see for yourself the different package rate offered by the different airlines. You just have to visit their site and in making inquiries, you just have to input your travel dates. After giving the travel dates, you will be given the price you have to pay for that particular schedule. Check also the accommodations and other services offered by these different agencies. This will help you choose the right and reputable travel agency that will make your flight more exciting.

Early bookings can also give you a chance to get a cheaper plane fare package; hence, if you’re planning to go to Hyderabad with your family, it would be a wise move to book your flight earlier.  Early bookings also mean giving you enough time to prepare to make your trip or travel a truly wonderful and memorable experience as you explore the India’s oldest city.

Enjoy your trip to Hyderabad and discover the wonders of Hyderabad!



Swiss Airlines Flights

Swiss Airlines operates in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Middle East and Asia. Swiss Airlines hub is Zurich Airport. They have domestic and international flights that will surely meet your traveling needs. It has 85 aircraft which include an Airbus, Avro, Boeing and Bombardier aircraft. The aircraft used on short and medium- haul flights have the Business Class and Economy Class configurations, while the aircraft used for long-haul flights have the first class, business class, and the economy class configurations.

The Swiss Airlines flights can take you wherever you want to go. They have the best aircraft which can really give you state of the art accommodations. They make their passengers enjoy each flight the moment they take off from their port of origin until they reach their port of destination. Swiss Airlines crew and staff are hospitable and are always ready to give you a helping hand during your flight. They can really give their passengers the best accommodation, making each flight comfortable.

Flying with Swiss Airlines can give you a wonderful experience while you’re on board their aircraft. For instance, the Boeing 777-300ER has everything you need that will make your flight comfortable. It has new seats where you can sit and lounge comfortably, giving you a wonderful experience of being “at home away from home”. The onboard WiFi connection allows you to stay connected with your family and friends, even if you’re soaring high up in the sky.

Enjoy delicious meals during your flights. Swiss Airlines serve food and drinks for free to their passenger’s delight. They also have in-flight catering services which will depend on the flight you have booked and the duration of your flight. They also have special meals which can be ordered for all the booking classes and for Swiss Business for European flights. Special Menu can be ordered if you book at swiss.com or 24 hours before your scheduled departure through your online profile or one of the service centers.

The amount you pay for your ticket is inclusive of the services you get from the airline crew or staff. However, there are some services that should be charged an additional fee.

Passengers, for all classes, of the intercontinental flights are allowed to carry at least 1 baggage. The baggage should not exceed 158 cm in size. You have to know the kind of baggage you are bringing along.

Swiss Airlines Flights are not always expensive. They also have cheap flights where passengers can pay the lesser or the cheaper fare. To help you find the cheapest flights you just have to visit Swiss Airlines website. Doing so will help you check and compare different flight rates for a specific flight schedule. Get your tickets with the airlines best deals, discounts and package rates without any trouble by booking online at your most convenient time.

A luxurious flight need not always be expensive. With the Swiss Airlines, Cheapest flights you can save and enjoy a luxurious flight from takeoff to arrival.

Emirates Baggage Allowance for flights from USA to India

emiratesbaggagelatest 11-7-2017(2)

Free Bags:

Economy class: Two bags – 23 Kgs  or 50 Lbs

Business and First Class: Two bags – 32 Kgs or 70 Lbs

Excess baggage fee:

Purchase online :USD 158 per bag upto 23 Kgs for Economy / 32 Kg for Business & First

Purchase at airport : USD 175 per bag upto 23 Kgs for Economy / 32 Kg for Business & First
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Top 5 Places to Visit in the Philippines

Located in Southeast Asia is the beautiful Country, the Philippines, which is also, called the “Pearl of the Orient Seas”. The Philippines is an archipelago composed of 7,100 islands. Emirates Airlines has number of options for flying with Philippines with many connecting flights. Find Emirates Coupons and deals at Airline-topdeals.com All of these islands have their own stories to tell which makes them different from one another. These islands can offer a memorable and truly exciting experience to those who want to relax and be one with nature. There are many beautiful and fascinating places in the Philippines that are worth visiting. Some of these wonderful places include:


  • Camiguin


Camiguin, also known as the “Island Born of Fire” is the home of the most delicious and sweetest Lanzones. The annual Lanzones Festival is one of the most awaited events of Camiguin residents and visitors. The island has breathtaking natural wonders like waterfalls, the cold and hot springs, and the beautiful beaches sprawling the island. It has also many exciting and captivating attractions like the sunken cemetery and the ancient ancestral homes and churches.

  • Bohol


The fascinating Bohol is famous for its eccentric wildlife, ancient churches, rivers and fascinating beaches with white sand. Bohol is the home of one of the smallest peculiar animal with big round eyes known as the Tarsier. One of the most spectacular sights to behold in Bohol is the “Chocolate Hills” which is considered one of the natural wonders of the world.

  • Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Experience a unique and exciting escapade as you ride in a small boat passing a dark, small pathways which will lead you to a fascinating sight of waterfalls falling through cave walls, a 20 million-year-old fossil and a small passage that leads to a big room where glimmering crystals covered the floor and the ceiling.


The underground river flows below the St Paul Mountain Range in the midwestern coast of Palawan. It flows through immense chambers and caves which extend a total of 24 km below the mountains and the river stretches 8.2 km.

  • Cagayan De Oro City


A booming city, also known as the “City of Golden Friendship” and the “Gateway to Northern Mindanao” is known for its hospitable and friendly Cagay-anons and exciting places to visit that you will always remember. The city which offers White Water Rafting and Kayaking has been attracting tourist because of the truly exciting experience they have enjoyed. Cagayan De Oro serves as the entrance to Bukidnon where one can find Asia’s Longest Dual Zipline in the Dahilayan Adventure Park, the Maria Cristina Falls in Iligan City and other wonderful spots in some cities like Zamboanga City, Davao City, Surigao, Butuan and a lot more.

  • Sagada, Mountain Province


Sagada is a perfect place where you can relax and unwind if you want to experience something unique other than taking a bath or a dip in the beach. Sagada is located in the mountain where one can almost touch the sky. It has many rock formations where you can see the hanging coffins. The place is really cool even in summer.


Top places to visit in New Zealand

Are you looking for the top places to visit in New Zealand? Perhaps you are planning your trip and would like to make it adventurous, fun, and enjoyable. If that is the case, you should be knowledgeable about the most attractive destinations. Of course, New Zealand is endowed with so many attractive destinations that might spoil your choice. There are many flights that fly to New Zealand from USA, few of the choices are Air France, Emirates, United, American and maony more. Using emirates promo code australia save on flight tickets to New Zealand and Australia. To help you make a perfect plan, the following are the top places that have been ranked highly and offers the best to do and to watch activities:

  1. Queenstown Islandqueens-town-new-zealand-photo

This beautiful island is found between the Remarkables’ Snowy Peak and the Shimmering Lake Wakatipu shores. It is the best destination to make the first stop and enjoy the diversity endowments of the island. Here, you can have a variety of activities that include skydiving, mountain biking, bungee jumping, downhill skiing, and jet boating just to mention a few. In addition to the adventurous corner, you will also get a first class experience in one of the comfort restaurants, spas, shops, and galleries. Queenstown is, therefore, the home of adventure that should not miss out on your priority list.

  1. Bay of Islandsbays-of-islands-new-zealand

If you are looking for an excellent water sports stop, then Bay of Islands is the right place to be. If you are driving from Auckland, it will take you approximately three hours to arrive at this stunning destination. Perhaps the reason why it is named Bay of Islands is that it is made up of 144 islands that lie between Purerua Peninsula and Cape Brett. While here, there are a lot of awe-inspiring activities that include sailing, fishing, and swimming among other water-sport activities.

  1. Milford Soundmilford-sound-new-zealand

Milford Sound is also another spectacular destination that offers the top most adventure. It is situated in the South East corner of the New Zealand. The cascading waterfalls create a soothing and enjoyable rhythm that is then perfected by the beautiful jagged cliffs and the mysterious air. Here, you will have the greatest sailing experience. You will also enjoy every other activity that comes your way in this spectacular destination.

  1. Hobbitonhobitton-new-zealand

At habbiton, you will experience magical Lord of Ring experience. With the presence of a huge Lord of Ring fan, you will never get disappointed by making a decision to visit this awesome place. The tiny cultural and beautiful houses at the Green Dragon Inn, you will surely enjoy every move as it has been for other visitors.

  1. Abel Tasman Coast Trackabel-tasman-coast-track

Abel Tasman is an awesome and attractive National Park that is situated at the North-Western corner of the South Island. The park is full of all kinds of stunning features and activities. If you want to experience or see different water animals, then you will be lucky to kayak and see the seals and dolphins swimming alongside you. Indeed, it is one of the best experiences that cannot be quenched elsewhere.


Trying to rank the above destinations will take you another few decades since each destination is the best. In this case, the above five places are the top best in New Zealand and each comes with extraordinary and captivating features. Therefore, your visit plan should be informed by this invaluable and insightful information.


Finnair Offers Fantastic Flight Connectivity Across the European Continent

Finnair, established in the year 1923, is the largest flagship carrier of Finland. It has its headquarters in Vantaa and has its hub at Helsinki – Vantaa Airport. They are the World’s fifth oldest and safest airline with uninterrupted existence, with almost nil fatal accidents since 1963. This airline joined the one world alliance in 1999 and offers services to 65 destinations in 30 countries with large number of international flights across Asia. The Helsinki hub of the airline acts as a gateway between Europe and Far East.

Finnair is the national carrier of Finland and a very prominent carrier in the European continent. It operates from its hub in the Helsinki Airport and the Brussels Airport. Those who are seeking flights to key cities in the European continent will find this airline to provide excellent flight connectivity. It is the best option for those who want to vacation in key holiday places in Europe as it provides quick flights to such locations. Ticket booking can be quickly done using the airline’s easy online booking system.

Finnair Offers Fantastic Flight Connectivity Across the European Continent

Currently, the airline has a fleet size of 44 carriers and it operates to 69 destinations across the world. It is a preferred carrier by many because of its high safety standards. It has an impeccable safety policy in place and there have been no accidents for the past fifty years of its operations. It is also the fifth oldest airline in the world. Those who want to travel from Europe to Africa, North America and Asia will find it to offer a vast network of flight to important cities in these regions. It is known for providing the latest travel comforts and facilities. Passengers are provided with excellent seating, quality cuisine and the latest in-flight entertainment through which they can enjoy movies, music, radio programs and games during their journey. Passengers also enjoy Finnair promotional codes and many flight deals.

Vacation in Goa by Flying from Europe with Finnair!

Finnair is the perfect option for vacationers who want to enjoy the beauty of Goa during their summer vacation time. They can fly to Goa from Helsinki or from any other location in Europe to which the airline operates. Travelers can have a fabulous time enjoying the beauty of Goa’s beaches and indulge in some exciting water sporting opportunities by flying here through this airline. Since Goa is a popular vacation destination, tickets can be heavily booked during the vacation period, hence it is best to book them in advance.

Finnair Offers Fantastic Flight Connectivity Across the European Continent

The airline flights to Goa are regularly held twice every week. These flights land in the Dabolim Airport.. You can also look into vacation packages to Goa to enjoy discount rates for flight tickets. Information about available flights to this beautiful vacation destination in India is available in the airline’s website. Ticket booking can be done online and also using mobile devices such as tablets and laptops. And we save up to 15% off by using Finnair Promo Codes & Coupons. Flying to Goa through Finnair offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy the beauty of this fabulous place and take in the loveliness of its traditional culture and cuisine. Information about flight status and baggage allowance is offered in the site. Those who want to enjoy premium comforts on their journey should book into the airline’s first class or business class seats.

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Five Nice destinations to visit in Summer 2016 using Emirates

The bright sunny and warm days are just around the corner. Summertime is almost here, and many people will be spending time with their families out of town. Choosing a summer destination to spend your holiday is not a walk in the park. There are so many travel destinations in the world, and it is not easy to select the best. Emirate Airlines wants to make your summer holiday to be the best by offering you some of the best packages and upto 10% off emirates airlines promo code, regardless of your destination.

Here are some of the top destinations you should visit this summer:

1.Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a summer destination you no not want to miss this season. The place has so many hidden treasures for visitors to enjoy. If you are the adventurous type and like outdoor activities, this is the right destination for you. This is the only place where you can find a rain forest in the Unites States territory. The rain forest is known as El Yungue, and it will offer you breathtaking waterfalls, beautiful views, unusual flora, and fauna. When in the destination, make sure that you have registered with the forest rangers to get full access to the hiking trials and other special amenities.

Puerto Rico


If you want to get away from your typical summer vacation, you need to consider visiting Ecuador. The country has so much to offer you, and you will have a lot of fun. Moreover, Emirate Airline will make your vacation better and enjoyable by giving you the best deals. The country has three climate zones. While visiting and you feel that the heat is too much, you can change your location. The country is big, and it offers you different types of activities. You can go for shopping, outdoor activities, Galapagos Islands or explore nature. The country has something for everyone.



When everyone hears the name Sardinia, all they can think about is glamor and glitz. This is, however, not true. The place offers you the best landscape in Europe, and the food is also out of this world. Sardinia has a rich history of culture, and you can spend some time learning about it.



Summer is all about beaches and excellent seafood. Sicily is an island found in the Mediterranean, and it will also offer you an unforgettable experience this summer. The place has fascinating Baroque Palazzos, Greek temples, and even Norman churches. The place is full of culture and history that you do not want to miss. There are some modern dining and drinking sites where you can have some fun too.



If you need perfect, sparkling, pure sand and clear turquoise water, Menorca is the right destination for you this summer. The area has fabulous sandy beaches that attract people from all over the world. The beaches here are considered to be the most beautiful in the world. One of these beaches is known as Pregonda. Pregonda is the perfect place if you like diving or snorkeling. There are many other outdoor activities in the beaches for you and your family.


These are among the best places you can have fun this summer with your family. Emirates will give a good package to your chosen destination. Research more on the selected destination so that you can make adequate preparations. Have a memorable summer season.

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Top 5 Places To See in Switzerland during the Summer

If you are looking to visit a beautiful country this summer filled with fun activities that will please any guest you must go to Switzerland. With dozens of cities to visit, each with it’s own unique history, you will not be disappointed with your time there. However, let’s narrow this down to the top 5 towns or cities to visit Switzerland during the summer months.

Any trip to Switzerland should start off in Geneva. The international section of Red Cross Committee and United Nations, more than 20 international organizations, and Cathedral St. Pierre where reformation leader John Calvin gave many of his most famous sermons are only a few examples of world markers you will find there. A green city, you will find that you can ride a bike anywhere and rest in the city’s many parks.


The next city to visit would be the city of Zurich. It is a remarkable city full of museums, art galleries, and boat trips around Lake Zurich. One top attraction to visit would the the Museum of Art (Kunsthaus Zurich). Leaving the top floor last, visitors can use a free audio tour to take them through all the rooms, viewing incredible works of arts. After a busy day touring this and St. Peter Church, you can climb onto a boat with a bottle of wine and enjoy the scenery as the day comes to a close.

Though any town or city in Switzerland is an excellent stop, the town of Zermatt should not be overlooked! This town is more for those who are willing to walk to their destination. They do not allow gasoline powered vehicles so if you are looking to get anywhere quickly hop into an electric car or horse drawn cab. The main reason to visit this town is the famous Matterhorn! The beautiful peak is visible from anywhere you stand and it is perfect for intermediate hikers. Enjoy nature by coming to this quiet, little town! Lugano is another city that you must stop in and explore. Famous for the amount of celebrities that come visit, this 9th century city boasts many Swiss heritage cites so don’t forget to stop at the concert halls, museums, and libraries. Tours here are fairly cheap by using swiss air coupon 15 off and are the easiest way to see all these wonderful spots! Last and not least is Lucerne. This city is in the German section of the country, it has been named one of the world’s prettiest cities. Satisfying all travelers, you can explore the city, run into the mountains, or hop on a boat out to the lake. The ancient Chapel Bridge and Water Tower is there for you to enjoy while walking toward the Dying Lion. This sad monument was carved from rock for the Swiss fighters who died defending the Palace Tuileries during the French Revolution.


There are so many more Swiss cities to explore during the summer months but these are the top 5 most loved. Due to their cultural centers, breathtaking vistas, and fun outdoor activities any traveler will be happy to experience the Swiss way to live here: peacefully, beautifully, and enriching.

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Qatar Airways Economy and Business Class Review

No business can be successful without the right support facilities. Qatar Airways is a business that learnt this very early, and today, even before the end of two decades of its existence, the airline is already the best in the world. And for this, it has among other things, its support services to thank.

Qatar Airways is the national carrier of the State of Qatar and it operates from its hub in the Doha International Airport. The airline commenced operations in early 90s and since then it has come out as a major carrier in the Middle East region. It has a fleet size of one hundred and thirteen carriers and it has placed orders for one hundred and seventy nine more carriers. It operates to one hundred and twenty three global destinations and is part of the prestigious One World Alliance through which it offers passengers a greater degree of flight connectivity and flight routes. It has many subsidiaries and these include Qatar Airways Holidays, Qatar Duty Free, Qatar Aviation Services, Qatar Executive, and much more.

Qatar Airways

For the change in meal preference the travelers need to contact the nearest office of Qatar Airways and the list of all offices is readily present online. In this way they can easily come to know what type of refreshment or meal the airline can offer to them during their flying experience with it. The passengers can book their seats to different destinations with stopovers. They can enjoy this facility to avoid the repetition of the same process. All the procedures are made very easy so that the people use them without any confusion and doubt.
Qatar airlines online booking service is easing the purchase processes. Passengers are booking their seats online and using their credit cards. As recently e-commerce has gained huge popularity all over the world, online services are saving time and making things easy. This is a new aspect of modern era, handiness to buy things without the hassle to step out of your home or workplace. Due to this ease of use for the client, this channel increases overall sales of a company. For the same reason, many carriers along with Qatar Airways have already added online booking and online ticketing to their checkout procedure to assist their clients and increase their sales.Qatar Airways A380

With the fast growing of technology especially in the field of aircraft now all airlines try to launch one of the best airbus across the world that will meet the demands of the international customers which can be compared with any one in order to check the reliability and service level. High quality of service level and luxury traveling can only taste by anyone which can never be had anywhere else that can be checked at any time when you have desired. At the time of ups and down all through in prior Qatar airways emerged as the most competitive airline across the world. You can thoroughly survey from the entrance till end of journey the service level will remain tremendous whatsoever the condition.

The airline has managed to provide great entertainment for the people who fly with it. Every flyer has his own seat back screen on which he can watch different programs both for amusement and information. The seats are designed to provide maximum comfort to them and they are enough spacious to relax. The airline also takes care of its loyal customers by offering them the Q miles that they earn on every flight after being registered under this option. They can use these in many different ways and enjoy the advantage. The airline is always moving forward to cater the needs of its passengers in the latest manner.

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Shortest Travel Time from los angeles (LAX) to Hyderabad India on Emirates airlines

Some of the important things to know passengers who Travel from los angeles (LAX) to Hyderabad India on Emirates airlines.

Emirates Airlines

Facts :
1. The Emirates Group operates across six continents with an 84,000 strong multi-national team comprised of over 160 nationalities.
2. The financial year ending 31 March 2015 saw the Group achieve its 27th consecutive year of profit, despite numerous external challenges.
3. The Group reported steady revenue and business growth in line with capacity increases whilst undertaking significant investment in the business.
4. The UAE is a family-oriented environment and small children are welcome and appreciated everywhere. The larger hotels have a good selection of kids’ meals, especially in room service.
5. Taxis are easy to find in most areas of Dubai, and Emirates Terminal 3 also has a dedicated taxi stand at Arrivals.


  1. Things to do in Dubai during Short break: Visit Burj Kalifa and watch from out side. Have a nice dinner at many local restaurents.
  2. This additional time could be used for Siteseeing in Dubai: Burj Kalifa Desert Safari Big Bus Tour Shopping on Dubai Jumeirah Beach Gold Souk Wild Wadi Dubai Creek Cruise Old Dubai – Bastakiya.
  3. Touristinformation booths are located in the city’s shopping malls and there is also one inside Airport Terminal One.
  4. Most visitors arrive at Dubai International Airport, though cruise ships dock at Dubai Cruise Terminal in Port Rashid.
  5. The journey from Abu Dhabi takes around ninety minutes to two hours. Sharjah is closer, but in rush-hour traffic the journey can take up to an hour.
  6. Dubai’s airport is the major Gulf hub for international air travel, with numerous connections worldwide.

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Amazing Flying Experience with Emirates Airlines

The Emirates Airline is the largest airline in the Middle East in terms of revenue, fleet size and also when calculated in terms of the passengers carried. It provides the latest cabin design along with exceptional service and care. This is the national airline of Dubai, United Arab Emirates Airlines. Its hub is in Dubai and it connects about 105 cities in 62 countries worldwide. While in terms of the international passengers it is recognized to be in the sixth place. It has non-stop commercial flights connecting Dubai to San Francisco, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Houston. Tickets can be booked through the online site with relative ease.

Emirates Airline: Delivers all that are promised!
Those who have made their plans in making their trip to their desired destination in this airline can also have a great time as soon as they step into the signature lounges meant for their passengers. These lounges at Dubai International Airport and also at other 50 airports across the six continents are available for mostly the upper cabin classes and the elite frequent flyers. Beginning from spa and beauty treatments to mouth-watering dishes and bar services every second spend in this place is really of great relaxation and comfort.

Emirates airline destinations
Some of the top Emirates airline destinations are Mumbai- Dubai flights, Doha -Dubai flights, Kuwait- Dubai flights, Riyadh- Dubai flights, Muscat- Dubai flights, Dubai- London flights and Bahrain- Dubai flights. The Emirates Airlines fleet comprise of ultra-modern Emirates A380s and spacious Boeing 777s. The experience one is able to enjoy in this airline is truly an exclusive one. There is a very relaxing shower spa in the A380 that gives you a refreshing look as you reach your destination. There is also an on board lounge where you can indulge in a little hors d’oeuvres along with some casual conversation. With the heights of comfort at your finger tips the Emirates Airline gives you a truly spectacular journey in their flights.

Emirates Airline Online Booking and Other Services
The online airline booking facility is in a way a boon especially for those who do not have the time to go to travel agents. Some of the advantages of doing online bookings is that travelers can compare with different sites using and avail of cheaper tickets or even get them in discount rates. If you are a member of the Skywards Miles, which is in fact the frequent flyer program of this particular airline, you can get those benefits bestowed to you. Through the same application that they fill on to get the airline booking you can also check-out the flight schedule as well, which is really a great help when trying to book tickets.

Emirates Auxiliary Services
Some of the other services offered by Emirates are cabin features, varied dining options, exclusive lounge and taxi services. In the cabin, one could travel in the First Class or Business Class facility. The in-flight entertainment system allows one to watch TV, movies and play games. TV gives the latest updates on news and sports and hence, one can keep in touch with what’s going around in the world. The communication option allows one to keep in touch with near and dear by the way of phone calls, SMS and email. On board the A380 aircraft, one can have an experience which is a class apart. Special lounges with restaurants for dining, an array of shops to buy the latest jewelry and clothes are made available on board. For transit customers, the transit is made smooth and comfortable.

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Experience World Class Comforts With Emirates Airlines!

Emirates Airlines is a premier carrier in the Middle East and the flag carrier of Dubai Emirate. It was initiated in 1985 when Gulf Air began cutting down on its flight service. Since then the airline has been growing tremendously and it has a large fleet that service to various destinations across the globe. The airline operates from its hub in the Dubai International Airport and it operates flights to 127 destinations It is adding new destination every year and it is the largest carrier in the Middle East with a fleet size of 186 carriers.

Emirates Airlines

The airline has received numerous award, the most important being the 2011 Airline of the year award from Air Transport World. It is known for its exceptional level of service and it’s ability to provide quality comforts to its passengers. It has codeshare agreements with many international airlines such as Air Malta, Oman Air, Philippines Air as a result of which it provides greater flight connectivity to various destinations in the world. Emirates discount code 2016 offers high quality passenger comforts with latest seating arrangement, menu choices, in-flight entertainment and comforts in all its passenger classes. In addition to checking in the normal way at airport, passenger can also check-in at Dubai Metro Station and self-service kiosks. Its frequent flyer program, skywards offer benefits of ticket upgrades, discounts and priority check in for passengers.

Fly to Hong Kong with Emirates Airlines!

Hong Kong is a wonderful city for sightseeing and touring, primarily because it is one of the best place to enjoy British and Chinese cultural influences. Its sophisticated modernity and ancient heritage attract people from all over the world. Emirates offer cheap airline tickets to Hong Kong from the Dubai International Airport. You can travel in comfort in business class or economy class through this airline to Hong Kong. These flights operate every week and they are scheduled on a regular basis. Hong Kong is an important destination which receives a huge volume of visitors and Emirates caters to the need of people travelling to this city for business and leisure. Those seeking quick flights to Hong Kong for official or business purposes can easily book a ticket with the airline.

Fly to Hong Kong with Emirates Airlines

You can find out information about flights to Hong Kong from the Emirates Airlines website. The site offers the airline timetable which displays scheduled flights to the city and the timings. This information can be used to make a quick booking as and when required. The airline also posts special offers on flights to this city, which can be used to gain reduced rates on flight tickets to this city. The airline’s website can be also used to do an online check in before arriving at the airport.

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Book Cheap Flights to Singapore and Enjoy the Most

September 29, 2015 Airlines News & Updates


Singapore is seemingly Asia’s most beautiful island country that is invested with brain desensitizing attractions and excellence. With its incalculable regular and man made marvels, occasions to Singapore remains one of the of most attractive vacation destinations around the globe.

Singapore Attractions

Voyagers from everywhere throughout the world gets to book flights to Singapore to encounter the staggering excellence and mind blowing emanation of this radiant place. From world class island resorts to rich parks and common stores – Singapore is genuinely honored with unending marvels. The Singapore Flyer, the Merlion, Underwater World on Sentosa, Singapore Science Center, Jurong Bird Park and Singapore Botanic Gardens are a portion of the various vacation spots in the island nation that enchant occasion creators.

Singapore Airline

Aside from all the amazing attractions, Singapore has a changed cultural legacy that has left many a guests hypnotized. The splendid mix of Chinese, Indian and Malay societies guarantee that each cultural devotee who snatches flights to Singapore is completely and altogether hypnotized. The district’s many sanctuaries, synagogues and mosques are flourishing confirmations of Singapore’s astonishing society. In general, Singapore is accurately viewed as an awesome traveler destination with diversions enough to draw in people of all ages.

Approaches to Find Cheap Flights to Singapore

Then again, it for the most part trusted that Singapore occasions are just for rich and shoddy flights to Singapore are not very many and far between. Nothing could be more distant from reality! With number of airlines working in the locale, Singapore Airline voucher for flights to Singapore are effortlessly and promptly accessible. One can snatch magnificent travel bargains for Singapore occasions from different travel operators. Voyagers simply need to take after a few tips and proposals to land up with efficient air tickets to Singapore. Look at different rebates and bargains, and be somewhat adaptable with your venture arrangements and you will most likely get some shabby tickets to the destination. Make a glance at different strides that can help occasion producers in acquiring reasonable vacation bargains.

Research Well

While searching for shoddy arrangements on flights, it is basic to research well on the web. It is best to go for a complete bundle as it consequently permits you to land up with least expensive flight alternatives. What’s more, with Singapore Airline it you likewise get the most reasonable choices as far as lodgings and ground transportation. Explorers searching for practical arrangements are best encouraged to go for an exhaustive bundle offered by a travel operators or organization that has some expertise in Southeast Asian vacations. This won’t just spare you cash, it will likewise be exceptionally helpful for you.

Be Flexible

Adaptable touring arrangements are certain to give you some incredible funds. Explorers who are going by Singapore to appreciate the tropical atmosphere might want to keep away from the wet months of November and December. On the other hand, if the possibility of wet occasions does not alarm you then you are in for some big deal funds as you can get a handle on the absolute most astonishing off-season rebates offered via and visit administrators. You are certain to spare stacks of cash if you arrange your occasions around the time when you have the least expensive flights accessible.

Utilization Fare Comparison Websites

This is the web age and the time has come to get innovation insightful for every one of the individuals who might like book flights without blazing openings in their pockets. It is not generally fundamental that you pay the distributed admissions on flights to Singapore or any destination besides. Use different passage correlation sites to unearth the best accessible air admissions in the market. This is without a doubt the most ideal approach to get least expensive flight to Singapore. Alongside shabby flights, one can likewise discover bundle arrangements including lodgings, attractions and transportation.

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Flying Emirates- Review of the Emirates Airlines

Everyone praises the airline. It’s been ranked as the best airline in numerous sites and review boards. It has won quite the number of global accolades in the airline industry. For instance, it won the AirlineRatings.com Best In-flight Entertainment award, Best Long Haul Airline award for the Middle East/Africa and Best First Class award for
2014. And the impressive track record didn’t just start last year. Its recognition goes way back to even 2011 when it won the Air Transport World’s Airline of the Year. Today, the airline operates more than 170 aircraft to over 120 destinations. In fact, it’s the world’s largest 777s’ operator.

Emirates Airlines

A recent study that consisted over 90,000 customer reviews done by eDreams, a top-notch e-commerce travel company in Europe, put Emirates at the top of nearly every category. The study covered everything from
customer experience, entertainment options, flight attendance services, to even the cleanliness and modernity of the aircraft. Emirates scored an impressive overall rating of 4.24 out of 5. Their ticket bookings are off the charts. In fact, in terms of RPK (passengers x distance flown), Emirates is the largest international airline in the world. Yes, they are that good. But you’re probably more interested in how your flight will be. What makes them stand out? What would make you grab an   and book your flight? How is the Emirates experience?

What Different Emirates In-Flight Classes Offer

For starters, what features will you find in all the 3 classes? Emirates have invested billions in improving customer experience and enhancing on-board technology. There’s audio/video on demand. You also get SMS, email and telephone service at every seat. On air Wi-Fi is available on its fleet of 57 A380 aircraft and a number of Boeing 777. Eventually they hope to offer free Wi-Fi across their entire fleet.

  • Economy Class

Let’s start off with the food. For lunch and dinner you get hors d’oeuvres, salad, plus a choice of two main courses, dessert, chocolates, coffee and tea and liqueurs for those long haul flights. There are also complementary drinks that include aperitifs, beers, spirits and wines. You can also buy yourself some champagne. For the short flights, you have the choice of a light meal or snack.

  • Business Class

When you arrive into the business class cabin, you’ll be met with a soothing range of cream, golden and walnut tones and finishes. The 58-inch pitch, lie-flat seats have just enough partitioning and crafted nooks to allow you catch that sleep in peace. You’re probably wondering if they all recline to fully flat. Well, they do, on all A380s and most 777s. There are sleeperettes with a seat pitch of 60″ on the A340-500s. The standard recliners on A330s and A340-300s come with leg rests for the short to medium haul flights. You also get winged headrests and privacy partitions.

Oh yes, the food- the rang of Gourmet cuisine, champagne, single malt whiskeys and fine wine coming from Emirates Business Class’ own cellars will be sure to whet your appetite. Cold canapés are followed by five-course lunch and dinner. You have the choice of hors d’oeuvres and entrees, hot and cold dessert, port with five types of cheese, fresh fruit, tea and coffee and liqueurs with sweets for the long haul flights. If you’re watching your diet, there are also healthy meal options available. The A380s have an on board bar plus a built-in minibar in the seats with lie flat beds.

To power up your devices, there is in seat power, delivered through USB ports and RCA sockets. If you’re going on a 12-or more- hour flight, you’re offered chauffeur pick up/drop off services from selected cities.

  • First Class

What does it mean to go First Class on Emirates? Here are the features of the First Class private suites on the A380s, the A340-500s and most 777s: sliding doors, personal mini-bars, adjustable ambient lighting, mirrors, wardrobes plus privacy dividers for central suites. All the seats transform into fully flat beds. The Emirates Airlines First Class cabins on the other aircraft on short and medium routes some with flat bed seats or deeply reclining seats. Each and every seat has its own fully stocked mini bar.Mattresses, large pillows and duvets are also provided, in addition to pajamas and luxury amenity kits. The A380 suites even come with large shower rooms.

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to tickling your taste buds at 35,000 feet. The meals and snacks are available on demand. Lunch and dinner is preceded by hot canapés. They feature 7 courses- choice of three hors d’oeuvres, soup, salad, four entrees; you get to choose from two desserts with five types of cheese that are served with port; there is fresh seasonal fruit; you can have freshly-brewed coffee. Of course, there’s also the expected selection of teas and liqueurs.

In addition, you’re offered the chauffeur pick up/drop off service from selected cities if you’re going on the long haul flights that take 12 hours or more.

Emirates Airlines


Whether you’re going on a 1 hour short flight or 7-hour lengthy ride, you want to be entertained throughout the journey. Enter the Ice entertainment system. The large touch screens are embedded into the panel in front of you. You get an outstanding choice of up to 2,000 channels of entertainment that cut across all classes, including over 400 movies from around the world. In case you’re into audio books and games, you also get to choose from those too.

Grab Offers and Deals to Fly Emirates

When you’re traveling on a budget, Emirates has some special offers for you. For instance, the ‘special offers’ section of their website is full of all the latest promotions, that range from discounted accommodation and extra miles to when you book certain rooms and even deals on car hire. You can also get large discounts on top notch places with Emirates coupon codes when you make online bookings. Through the Emirates coupon codes, Emirates Airlines offers you quality savings on each of your journeys. When you plan your travel with Emirates Airlines coupons you’ll make good savings to significant destinations.

If you regularly fly with Emirates, you should definitely sign up for up for the loyalty programme, Emirates Skywards. It’s frequent flyer programme that’s free to join. Every time you fly with Emirates, you earn
miles. Additionally, you also get the miles when use the services of their partners. You can then spend them on anything from international flights and updates to free gifts and high street vouchers.

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